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Ever since we first opened our doors in 1993, our talented and devoted team at Empire Pacific Investigative Service (EPIS) has made a name for itself as the number one source for a private investigator in San Francisco. Our comprehensive services run the gamut from infidelity investigations to missing persons investigations, employee theft and screening, fraud investigation, computer forensics, and much, much more. We are able to provide such a wide range of services because of the diversity of our professional consultants. The majority of our team hails from federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies, and brings to the table over 30 years of experience in all different kinds of investigations.

In this fast-changing world, you need a private investigator in San Francisco who is up-to-date on all the latest methodology and equipment/technology. You also need a private investigator in San Francisco who values discretion and confidentiality. Our associates hold themselves to a higher standard of professionalism, which is why we have so many grateful clients who have recommended our services to their friends, family members, and colleagues. To learn more about EPIS, and how we can help you, feel free to contact us directly with your questions.

Cheating spouse investigatiosn San Francisco specializes background research investigaiton, domestic surveillance and Cheating Spouse Investigations, unlike other investigation firms who do it as one of many other services.  Cheating Spouse investigations San Francisco, we provide domestic surveillance, Background Research Investigation, San Francisco Asset Research and other information gathering in San Mateo County Private Investigations, Alameda County Private Investigations, Contra Costa County Private Investigations, Santa Clara Private Investigations.

Cheating Spouse Investigations San Francisco
Cheating Spouse InvestigatorBackground reserach investigation and cheating spouse investigations San Francisco services is a nationwide full service private investigations company, agency, established in 1993 by three retired U.S. Federal Special Agents, owned and operated offering professional private investigative services. Mike Hakimi private investigator, who is the managing partner of North America offices, has been an expert bilingual Private Investigator and Decoy  Investigator for over 25 years. Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco specializes in domestic relations matters that include San Francisco infidelity investigation, San Francisco cheating spouse investigation matters, San Francisco divorce investigation, San Francisco Adultery Investigation , domestic surveillance, background research investigation and high profile investigative cases, high profile asset investigations, and other matters of the heart such as finding lost loved ones by finding a person, or undercover operations tailor-made to suit your situation. Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco is a licensed and bonded private investigation firm, with well over 75 year's collective investigative experiences between our investigators. The staff at Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco will handle your case with total confidentiality, respectbreak-up-test.jpg and understanding of your individual situation.  We are equipped to handle cases right in your own backyard. Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco investigators focus solely on cheating spouse investigations San Francisco and we do not get caught up in any other type of Investigation work. Throughout its investigative years of service, Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco has enjoyed an enviable reputation based on dedication to client service. Each member of our staff is highly skilled private investigator, thereby ensuring a knowledgeable team proficient in every phase of the investigative field. Another area where Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco investigators are  highly proficient is in San Francisco domestic surveillance, Santa Cruz investigation, San Francisco Background research investigation, San Francisco Asset Research investigation, San Francisco Employment Screening investigation and San Francisco Restaurant Investigation & Bar Investigations, which aid in all areas from gathering information on a potential client.  We will get the proof that you need, and let us end your fear and anxiety and get you the truth.

Background Research Investigation and Domestic Surveilalnce

Cheating Spouse Investigations San Franciscosan_francisco.jpg problems.  The truth, however is that there is no reason to be shy about seeking out a private investigator or seek an investigative agency. Not only that our investigators are seasoned investigators in this type of cases and achieve results quickly and efficiently, but these results can dramatically improve your life. Unfortunately, once someone seriously suspects a checking partner, more often than not his or her suspicions are correct. We recognize that hiring one of our private investigator to watch your loved one is not an easy task, but you feel that you might be going behind the persons back. 

Our San Francisco private investigators are equipped with most advanced tools necessary to capture evidence in nearly aimages_5ny imaginable surveillance investigative scenario. We have a vehicle for every situation involving "tailing", or the following of a subject.  We offer remote video surveillance using covert video cameras, long-range photo, and body worn hidden cameras to produce all the necessary evidence. Our surveillance investigators have climbed into hollowed-out trees; ridden bicycles; motorcycles; walked dogs and used many other creative techniques, and they never trespass or break any harassment or anti-stalking laws while doing so.

If you need more information to make an important decision, at Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco in regard of background research investigation or doemestic surveillance, we are on your side. The call is toll free and the consultation with a private investigator is Spousal Surveillancestrictly confidential. Find out what you need to know from the leading investigators, that perform Infidelity Investigations, San Francisco Spousal Surveillance Investigation, San Francisco Employment Screening Investigation, and San Francisco Asset Research Investigation are just a few of our areas of expertise.  Let us help you to find the truth with peace of mind you deserve and the power to move ahead.


Domestic Surveillance in San Francisco

Conducting domestic surveillance in San Francisco, CA is a unique procedure that requires the use of private investigators sanfrancisco_01that are not only familiar with San Francisco's unique geographical areas but also comfortable and able to blend in within the business and residential areas of San Francisco.  In order to carry out valuable private investigations, the investigators must be familiar with his or her surroundings and environment.  Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco investigators, is a unique area that an private investigator who is unfamiliar with the county and its many cities the commercial society, thsan-francisco_2e complex freeway and traffic systems and the beach and coastal areas would find himself or herself lost and feeling completely out of place.

Our domestic surveillance private investigators are experienced, discrete and local San Francisco private investigators are literally their home while conducting investigations throughout San Francisco.  Whether we are conducting an Cheating Spouse Investigations San Francisco on a visit to the bay area, a due diligence background investigation for corporate client or locating a long lost loved one who "disappeared" in one of San Francisco's many beach towns, our private investigator San Francisco are able to use their experience and familiarity with the area to get the job done!

san_francisco_2.jpgCheating spouse investigations San Francisco is a locally based San Francisco Private Investigation Company.  We handle investigations throughout Northern California and specialize in conducting investigations in and around San Francisco, CA.  From the southern parts of San Francisco like Los Altos, Santa Clara, or the inland areas of San Francisco near Daly City, Oakland or Hayward, to the central parts of the County such as Berkeley, Richmond, San Pablo and Sausalito or even down the coast from Half Moon Bay, Pedro Valley, Pacifica and Palo Alto.  Our San Francisco Private Investigators teams are experienced investigators that can handle the any case and accomplish the objectives of the investigation.

For more information regarding our San Francisco Private Investigator in regard of "San Francisco Infidelity or San Francisco Cheating Spouse", please schedule a free consultation with our investigators at 888.404.3747.   

Background Research Investigation San Francisco

san_francisco_8Our offices in San Francisco and San Rafael, Palo Alto serve the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Over the years, we have conducted investigations and surveillances at many of the hotels, restaurants, venues and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and most of the venues in San Francisco itself. Let our experience as San Francisco detectives work for you. 


Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco is a full service private investigative licensed and Insured and bonded San Francisco private investigation agency. Our National Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California and our parent company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Overseas, we are a registered company under the name of Empire Pacific Group in Australia and the Philippines.

To indemnify compliance with all local policy, all investigators remain regionally licensed and insured individually. Depending on regional requirements, each private investigator may be licensed and insured individually and may act as a sub-contractor. In other areas they may be regionally licensed as an individual but employed directly as Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco.  Regardless of the technical method of maintaining each EPIS regional agents. All private investigators must meet and maintain background research investigation rigid standards of quality. Cheating spouse investigations San Francisco nationwide services remains focused on getting results one case at a time.

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San Francisco County Private Investigator 

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